2019 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Approach

We operate with integrity, work safely, respect the contributions of our people, preserve the environment and support the communities where we operate.

Sustainability Approach

Our sustainability approach is grounded in our vision of delivering lasting value for stakeholders and customers by operating with integrity, working safely, respecting the contributions of our people, preserving the environment and supporting the communities where we operate. 

Our sustainability values form the framework of our approach to sustainability:

  • Operations: Operate safe, healthful workplaces that value diversity, promote teamwork and reward performance.
  • Governance: Conduct business and operations in an ethical and compliant manner.
  • Environmental stewardship: Minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • Products: Deliver innovative products and solutions that help our customers maximize the performance of their assets, minimize environmental impact and preserve and protect the environment.
  • Value chain: Partner with suppliers and customers to create value while conforming to sustainable and ethical means.
  • Community: Deliver positive change in the communities where we operate. 

Driving our performance are measurable sustainability goals that address our biggest challenges and opportunities. We hold our locations and businesses accountable for achieving these goals, and we are transparent in our progress against each on a global level. 

We have a formal structure to ensure continuous improvement in the sustainability of our global operations. Our Sustainability Committee establishes our sustainability goals as well as policies, programs and procedures to address sustainability in our business practices. The committee’s members, who are appointed by our Executive Committee, provide leadership support and visibility. Most are officers of the company. 

The Sustainability Committee’s standing subcommittees provide a deeper focus on key aspects of our sustainability efforts:

  • Resource Management;
  • Natural Resources and Climate Change;
  • Product Innovation and Marketing;
  • Wellness;
  • Procurement; and
  • Manufacturing.

Each year through the PPG Sustainability Awards program, we recognize outstanding projects completed by our employees, locations and businesses that significantly contributed to our sustainability progress. In 2019, we presented more than 210 awards in five categories – health and safety, environmental impact, wellness, community engagement and customer solutions. We also recognized programs that improved ergonomics through our separate PPG ERGO CUP® competition.

We estimate that projects honored by both awards programs saved more than $23 million in 2019 and helped us reduce our energy intensity, waste, greenhouse gas emissions and spill rate.  

Leveraging sustainability for better outcomes

In 2019, we intensified our focus on sustainability by joining the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) at the University of Pittsburgh. We were one of eight founding members and the largest participating company that is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

Through innovative research, specialized education and training, and critical thought leadership, the CSB helps companies learn how to leverage their investments in sustainability across all functions of the organization to generate better business and societal outcomes.

Mark Cancilla, PPG vice president, environment, health and safety, has been a stalwart supporter of the initiative since its inception. In addition, Mike Corcoran, PPG environmental manager, will share practical insights on PPG’s sustainability evolution to MBA candidates at the university’s Katz School of Business in 2020.

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