2019 Sustainability Report

Reporting and Materiality

We are committed to transparent reporting on our sustainability performance.

Reporting and Materiality

PPG’s annual sustainability report underscores our commitment to transparent reporting on our economic, environmental and social performance.

The report’s content is defined by our material issues, stakeholder expectations, business priorities, and the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Standards (core option) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

We have attempted to be as inclusive as possible. Unless otherwise noted, the information and data contained in this report cover all employees, PPG locations and joint ventures where we maintain at least 50% ownership.  

We currently do not seek assurance for our report, as the scale of our operations and the resources required are prohibitive. We will continue to explore assurance options as they evolve, but we are confident our internal processes provide sufficient oversight regarding the accuracy of the information we report.

We encourage you to provide feedback on this report and our sustainability performance via email, a short online survey or a letter sent to PPG, One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15272, Attention: Corporate Communications. 


To identify our material topics and boundaries, members of our Sustainability Committee and report team used a variety of sources that included the following:

  • Customer feedback on our sustainability performance through both formal and informal means;
  • Sustainability information that various ranking organizations use to determine PPG’s performance;
  • Feedback on our prior sustainability reporting;
  • Media coverage of our company globally;
  • Engagement with our communities;
  • Insight from our senior management team; and
  • Our sustainability goals.

The following are the material topics that form the basis of our 2019 report.

Material Topics

Material Topic Boundary
Economic performance All businesses
Energy All locations
Water All locations, particularly those located in water-stressed regions of the world
Emissions All locations
Effluents and waste All locations
Health and safety All locations
Local communities All locations
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