2019 Sustainability Report

Products Overview

We use a concerted and disciplined approach to develop sustainable products and processes.

Products Overview

Environmental stewardship has driven our research and development for more than a century. In addition, our focused product portfolio of paints and coatings enables a concerted and disciplined approach to developing sustainable products and processes that provide environmental and other sustainability benefits to our customers.

Our coatings, materials and technologies reduce corrosion, extending the life of our customers’ products. We also help our customers reduce energy usage and emissions, protect their employees and minimize waste and water consumption through the use of our products.

In 2019, 33% ($5 billion) of our total sales were derived from sustainably advantaged products and processes. Our goal is 40% by 2025. 

To realize this goal, we are leveraging the best practices in product development from each of our business units and applying these learnings to our other business segments. 

A key aspect of our product development process is selecting sustainable and safe materials to manufacture a product. We actively seek to avoid using chemicals of concern in new products, and we have been successful in removing these substances from many existing products through reformulation. We also have removed lead from all of our industrial and consumer products worldwide. More information can be found in the Product Stewardship section.

We publicly communicate transparent and comparable information about the environmental impact of our products through a variety of methods, including independently verified life cycle assessments (LCA) and validated environmental product declarations (EPD) for select products. 

We also provide clarity into our products’ contents and associated health information through health product declarations (HPDs) and other disclosure tools used in the building and construction industry. In addition, we disclose chemicals of potential concern on the labels of food-contact products that are sold to the public. 

These documents help our customers meet industry requirements and certifications, such as the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED®) certification for the building and construction industry.

Examples of our LCAs, EPDs and HPDs can be found on our PPG PAINTS™ website

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